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The most comfortable and durable "Pure Multifilament". The TGV has been designed to meet 2 objectives: resistance and comfort. A specific construction of more than 1200 polyamide microfilaments. This gives it the greatest comfort, but also the greatest resistance.

An exclusive surface treatment: the S.P.L. to provide slipperiness and effective "snap back" so that the strings do not have to be put back in place during the game.

The TGV in 1.30 gauge, it's comfort and maximum power. String made in France. PU 400: 400% elasticity for great comfort and dynamic performance. The highest PU content (45%) Polyamide fibres (100%): Guarantee elasticity and ball feel by combining with the PU 400. They provide tolerance in case of off-centre hits. S.P.L final coating Anti-abrasion coating for more resistance.

FRENCH BEST SELLER Sold by French specialists as the reference in terms of comfort and durability.