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The BLACK CODE string is the most flexible string in this range. It has a pentagonal construction that allows a lot of spin. Tecnifibre is a leading brand in the covering industry and offers a wide range of strings for all levels and requirements. This string was developed: for the very good, demanding player who is looking for strength and flexibility.

For rackets weighing more than 300 g For strong string rackets Color Black Main material: Co-polyester Recommended tension between 22 and 25 kg Maximum tension: 32 kgs Recommended for strong string rippers (>10 hours of playing time). String made in France. Thermocore: Guarantees the greatest flexibility in polyester monofilaments to produce less fatigue. Co-Polyester Flex Compound: A selection of polyester granules known for their maximum flexibility. High-quality material from a mixture of different polyesters. Cross-section: pentagonal (5 sides) to enhance the effect. WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER It brings everything! Power, spin and flexibility. PLAYER FEEDBACK Suitable for a very wide range of players.Tecnifibre signature: performance and physical integrity.